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Should I be afraid of an ear, nose and throat examination? Is is painful?

The ear, nose and throat exam is performed with various simple hand instruments and endoscopes. Although there is still a general belief that these examinations often end with the insertion of a device in ear, nose or other cavities. It is important to note this is a false view, as these methods are rarely applied due to a fundamental change in the profession. There is no need to be afraid at all, the examination is painless!

When should we contact our general practitioner (GP) and when do I need to go to an ear-nose-throat specialist?

If your GP is a quicker solution, it is advisable to go to him first and then decide if a specialist is needed. However, in the case of an allergic reaction or chronic complaints, you can also directly to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

What are the most common ear, nose and throat complications?

In adults, the formation of nasal polyps may be accompanied by a chronic sinus pain. Nasal inflammation may already be an indication for the need for surgery.

The most common surgical intervention in children is the removal of the nasal passage. The nasopharynx can grow back, but it may not after around the age of 13, after which is can be an abnormality.

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